Supermarkets and convenience stores

Combine the convenience of shopping on-line with the speed of same day collection whilst reducing the cost inherent with delivery.

How iAmHere can transform your business

Did you know that 75% of all major retailers in the USA offer curbside pick up. This convenient shopping collection channel outperforms delivery customer satisfaction whilst being more efficient for the business to manage. Many customers would prefer to avoid delivery fees and delivery slots at shop at their convenience. I Am Here allows stores with and without car parks to enable curbside collection from the comfort of their own vehicle. Let your customers come to you with a simple curbside collection process.

Simply integrate to your e-commerce site or mobile ordering app
Go live, test, prove ROI, roll out
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Don’t just believe us, hear it from our partners

"We're using iAmHere to add surprise and delight to our Gooey shopping experience. We love creating these innovative solutions to get our fresh cookies and doughnuts into our customers hands"

Jake Ansbro, Owner, Entrepreneur
Gooey & EATMCR

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