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iAmHere was created to address a significant gap in the maket place, of allowing all establishments whether they have parking space or not, to offer a curbside delivery service to their customers. By being able to utilise nearby parking spaces, side-streets and waiting areas, the iAmHere solution allows Brands, to offer the same customer experience across all their outlets, providing a seamless, convenient and COVID safe experience for all their customers.

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Eloise Sheppard

Lead Investor

My interest to business started young with family involved to hospitality, FMCG, media and a data tech franchise, launched in the USA in 1985! This commercial variety and cultural experience provided me with valuable insight to the challenges of international business. After many years Stateside, I returned to London to help establish communications specialist Call Systems Technology Ltd., serving 30,000 clients in 40+ countries as Managing Director since 2011. My 25-year career has spanned Operations, Marketing, HR & Finance. Investments include hospitality technology, communications and digital media ventures.

Simon Browning


My business works in the on-demand market mainly with foodservice customers. One market trend that has also been a constant are the results businesses can achieve through providing a more convenient service for their customers.

I love this application and how it can enhance the customer journey. It’s why I agreed to come on-board and I’m excited to see it in action.

Don’t just believe us, hear it from our partners

"We're using iAmHere to add surprise and delight to our Gooey shopping experience. We love creating these innovative solutions to get our fresh cookies and doughnuts into our customers hands"

Jake Ansbro, Owner, Entrepreneur
Gooey & EATMCR

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